death rides tonight
young drifter ash
san francisco
may, 2006

young homeless drifter ash. he says he was named for an ancient death god or such and goes by ash for short. he grew up as a ward of the state. says his parents were "fuckers." he got the star tattoo on his face when he was 13.

says he's a "traveler." has been hopping freight trains for years. he's off to louisiana tonight.

but now a moment alone with a cigarette and a bottle. then to party with his friends. then there's a freight train he'll hop in oakland with his crew.


vakas says: another one... great... -- 06:49PM, May 24, 2006.
kirstin! says: You never fail to amaze me. Seriously. I don't BS comments like this, either. -- 06:50PM, May 24, 2006.
damien_p58 says: Amazing.. yet another one of the perfect portraits.. When are u setting up ur exhibition..? -- 06:54PM, May 24, 2006.
Harrison Reid says: You are one of the people on FLickr who i genuinely look forward to seeing new work from, this is fantastic. -- 06:56PM, May 24, 2006.
Urban Disturbance says: brillliant as usual... -- 06:59PM, May 24, 2006.
MissCharity says: Great portrait. Looks like a film portrait, Harrison Ford or someone? -- 07:01PM, May 24, 2006.
* Ahmad Kavousian * says: WOW, great shot, perfect portrait -- 07:04PM, May 24, 2006.
smata2 says: Great portrait. -- 07:15PM, May 24, 2006.
ReeeeN says: I love his look.What a spirit... -- 07:18PM, May 24, 2006.
*Mike Flores says: great potrait, well done! [1-2-3] -- 07:23PM, May 24, 2006.
[stelka] says: your street people's portrait are always fascinating :) beautiful :) -- 07:30PM, May 24, 2006.
Shushonet says: wow, i really love this one. faved! [1-2-3] -- 07:31PM, May 24, 2006.
Arandjel says: I'm enthralled by this series of portraits... -- 07:34PM, May 24, 2006.
muskva says: luv the cig portraits! -- 07:41PM, May 24, 2006.
TjF Photography says: They just keep gettin' better, Nice! -- 07:43PM, May 24, 2006.
danielledesirea says: His eyes look familiar. Great pics. -- 07:43PM, May 24, 2006.
D.Candian says: sad! -- 07:58PM, May 24, 2006.
Sawrah says: How do you approach a shot like this? On a personal, artistic and emotional level? How do you get so close? I love this series! -- 07:58PM, May 24, 2006.
Sh3Cat says: Very nice portrait! 1-2-3 -- 07:59PM, May 24, 2006.
Bumfluff says: Wonderful, gritty. His expression is something seems as though he's a million miles away. Great work.. -- 08:03PM, May 24, 2006.
Paradise Regained says: Another amazing piece of work. Congratulations! -- 08:18PM, May 24, 2006.
amorph says: Fabolously well done portrait! -- 08:34PM, May 24, 2006.
ed rawady says: tons of character in this excellent portrait... also, great composition and postprocessing. your b&w conversions are perfect for your subject matter. i love the tonality of your b&w street photos. though i don't expect you to share the process, i'd love to know what method you use to make these conversions. -- 08:34PM, May 24, 2006.
drspam says: you have to stop! you are making us all look bad! -- 08:44PM, May 24, 2006.
A V A says: You are a truly gifted artist. Your portraits are outstanding. -- 09:08PM, May 24, 2006.
Baala says: just one of the greatest portaits i've seen -- 09:09PM, May 24, 2006.
jadefyr says: I am so totally intrigued by these street photos. You capture so much with them. -- 09:11PM, May 24, 2006.
harbourscape says: This is a fantastic portrait! :) 1-2-3 -- 09:18PM, May 24, 2006.
*BOOJOO* says: great as usual textures and attitude is brilliant -- 09:28PM, May 24, 2006.
anbri22 says: a strong portrait! Well done! 123 -- 09:31PM, May 24, 2006.
Libertinus says: yes, strong!! -- 09:41PM, May 24, 2006.
myrte voogt says: fantastic! the glove & star, expression..everything! great photo -- 10:05PM, May 24, 2006.
Rod Monkey says: Fabulous portrait, love it -- 10:17PM, May 24, 2006.
velo_city says: this one makes me stop ... and think ... (123) -- 10:19PM, May 24, 2006.
*Ivan* says: great -- 10:36PM, May 24, 2006.
original_ann says: Gee... we never would think that kid in our elementary school would grow up to live this type of life... some of these kids started out in life virtually no different than any of us.... This portrait is stunning - - I particularly love the silver around his neck and the gloved hand/dirty fingernails - - the detail is gripping... -- 11:12PM, May 24, 2006.
akaiam says: Awesome; top-shelf again, as usual. Your telling of his story reminded me of Hunter S. Thompson's book "Hell's Angels." My imagination was left to ride that train with Ash and his crew, into some unknown crazy danger... -- 11:22PM, May 24, 2006.
7.oda says: great great great shot! -- 11:22PM, May 24, 2006.
♥ Unlimited says: always amazing me... i loved the texture on the glove! -- 11:22PM, May 24, 2006.
*Ivan* says: Congratulations! This image is currently one of Flickr's most interesting photos for 24 may 2006. (It is on page one of the calendar view.) Would you please add it to the Interestingness pool? It would be a great addition! -- 12:49AM, May 25, 2006.
Ben° says: real good portrait !! -- 12:57AM, May 25, 2006.
Supervixen. says: Wow. Wow. Wow. just love your work. -- 01:24AM, May 25, 2006.
J_B - Johnny B says: A+ -- 01:35AM, May 25, 2006.
metimbers2000 says: You have captured the essence of yet another. Really great shot. -- 02:00AM, May 25, 2006.
eye of einstein says: wow this is so riveting... true photo journalism of our culture I know that these comments sound shallow in comparison to these images, but I am rendered speechless on a deeper level -- 02:44AM, May 25, 2006.
Memaxmarz says: excellent portrait Stoneth, and the title is fantastic. -- 02:55AM, May 25, 2006.
the mighty jimbo says: another perfect portrait. bravo. you really should have an expo. -- 04:42AM, May 25, 2006.
andrea francesco says: Another great portrait, so deep and warm. -- 07:22AM, May 25, 2006.
artpunx says: you never fail to catch the essence of those yu photograph. its wonderful -- 07:23AM, May 25, 2006.
teenage jesus says: great, I love it! -- 07:45AM, May 25, 2006.
maz hewitt says: Brilliant portrait. -- 08:55AM, May 25, 2006.
Harshit Sekhon says: This is such a strong portrait ... thank you for the write-up ... makes it even stronger and makes me wonder ... -- 09:50AM, May 25, 2006.
boaz_zippor says: beautiful. the details. the composition. the moment. niiiiiice. really inspirational. thanx :) -- 11:51AM, May 25, 2006.
photomorti says: damn dude amazing!! -- 12:03PM, May 25, 2006.
Guillaume ( says: I love the 'stories behind', it reminds me alot of jack kerouac 'on the road'... -- 12:40PM, May 25, 2006.
lynne bernay-roman says: wonderful photo, the photo, the story, and the mood are very rich in texture. bwautiful work -- 12:53PM, May 25, 2006.
pallamaio says: intense -- 01:10PM, May 25, 2006.
laurel_lee says: my sentiments echo one above - i honestly cannot wait for your new portraits - checking my contacts photos throughout the day for new entries. they are intriguing and provoke such intense emotion. -- 01:28PM, May 25, 2006.
StanD70 says: well, it looks like ed's point of view already said everything i was going to say but i think it bears repeating... you do a superb job on your b&w conversions. great tonality and wonderul framing. -- 01:38PM, May 25, 2006.
trishlet says: it's the stories, the flesh behind the flesh, that draw me in to your work. of course the images themselves are remarkable. but it is the way you contextualize them, make the people real, that matters so much. thank you. -- 01:49PM, May 25, 2006.
ozczecho says: Excellent portrait and story. -- 02:07PM, May 25, 2006.
GrandmaSondra says: His eyes capture the look for adventure in a job he has to do. -- 02:38PM, May 25, 2006.
L-ines says: This picture is just stunning. There is nothing to say something against it and his story caused a chill in my bones. A little bit reminds me it on Indianer Jones. Maybe it is the hat or it is the adventure in his look. Great job! -- 03:18PM, May 25, 2006.
Carlos Ferguson says: hey, just another incredible grart portrait. -- 03:30PM, May 25, 2006.
Rodrigo Daguerre says: Excellent -- 04:02PM, May 25, 2006.
cybermanikan says: Indiana Jones and the train to freedom... awesome image. -- 05:50PM, May 25, 2006.
manyfires says: Wonderful. -- 05:57PM, May 25, 2006.
cybermanikan says: Oh and the only mythology I can think of with 'ash' as a name is Ashanti who are actually a people of Ghana (Africa). Izanami is the goddess of death in Japanese (Shinto) mythology. Shintoism trys to avoid the concept of death and considers it an 'unclean'. Buddhism took on the role of death conception for the Japanese. -- 06:37PM, May 25, 2006.
Paradise Regained says: Ashtar/Astarte/ Ashtoreth/Ishtar are all godess names as far as i know.. from the phoenecians, babylonians, hebrews etc... dont know of a death god called ash.. but i will do a little research... -- 07:01PM, May 25, 2006.
meganleestudio says: amazing portrait. -- 07:07PM, May 25, 2006.
Mark Hodson Photos says: astonishingly good shot and a great piece of photo journalism -- 07:11PM, May 25, 2006.
jasperroz says: Terrific portrait. as always................... :~) -- 07:24PM, May 25, 2006.
cashhold says: I'm so glad J_B told me about you. You are amazing. -- 01:35AM, May 26, 2006.
Bruna Marchioro says: I'm speechless. I just kept adding your photos as faves. You have some amazing pics in here. congrats. -- 02:43AM, May 26, 2006.
GButterfly says: I'm amazed at yoru ability to capture these "hidden" people in our society. thank you for sharing their photos and thier stories - amazing work. -- 04:47AM, May 26, 2006.
Kris Kros says: You are really one of a kind. Always coming up with very impressive portraits. You have your own signature on flickr, friend. -- 09:21AM, May 26, 2006.
Tampen says: Ditto all the above. I'm presuming that's f1.8 - the $75 lens, right ? So we can all afford to take pictures like this..... -- 12:26PM, May 26, 2006.
Gosia Margosia says: wonderful face. and the story. Your photos are so beautiful. -- 04:33PM, May 26, 2006.
eyewashdesign: A. Golden says: this is hauntingly wonderful! well done! -- 07:00PM, May 26, 2006.
♥♡Queen Cleopatra♥♡ says: your portraits are amazing ♥ -- 04:20PM, May 27, 2006.
Didier-Lg says: Wonderful ! (once more ...) -- 05:09PM, May 27, 2006. says: your point of departure continues to amaze me...the stories, the images...a day walking with you and your eye and ears of all that you are told and see would be amazing! -- 08:30PM, May 27, 2006.
Mernas says: the intensity of this image is incredible.. absolute fav -- 11:09PM, May 27, 2006.
perlipo says: Amazing portrait as usual, so much details, moving story too... -- 09:32PM, May 28, 2006.
Lexcelsior  says: Great catch of the mood, character and details. So many things to look at in this one. Nice work! :^) -- 03:19AM, May 29, 2006.
Mariana Mattesco says: The best portrait of this series. That one really reveals one´s individuality. Congratulations! -- 02:23PM, May 29, 2006.
tim72 says: love all your portraits !!Amazing work! -- 04:45PM, May 30, 2006.
..· ✈Katherina ➳·.. says: I ... J..u..s..t ..... Love this !!! -- 04:46PM, May 30, 2006.
maryanne_b says: Brilliant shot. :) -- 09:59PM, May 30, 2006.
centrifuga ☁ says: do you really need another comment? I don't think, but I have to say it: thank you for your pictures! -- 07:12PM, May 31, 2006.
/// Gixxie says: Outstanding ... simply outstanding !! Ahh ... What life this traveler has ... -- 02:07AM, June 01, 2006.
stumblintrucker says: Another fave. I love the photos but I really like the stories. Thanks. -- 02:51AM, June 01, 2006.
azephalia|gone says: so many comments.. wanted to say your homeles people portraits are so strong! -- 08:05PM, June 01, 2006.
Harpersbizarre says: You are really amazing........ This is exceptional. -- 03:31AM, June 04, 2006.
(Rimbaudian) says: am I too late to tell you that this is freakin' amazing? -- 01:01PM, June 04, 2006.
dlemieux says: excellent portrait!! and yes, nice texture on the glove -- 06:31PM, June 07, 2006.
ooneyanne says: He reminds me of Indiana Jones. -- 02:51AM, June 11, 2006.
vanjah says: very special moment to have your cam and meet people like this. btw.the guy is a living rock star withoout the holywood,the media and all the pr shitheads of the planet working for him.... -- 06:53PM, June 12, 2006.
* RICCIO says: it's a great shot... i like it! -- 12:58AM, June 13, 2006.
UmbyCrn says: It wasn't easy - you're a damn good photographer and stories' intensity equals shots - but I've chosen this one to fav in the end. -- 11:01AM, June 13, 2006.
Being Radha says: great work...inspired portraits -- 08:40PM, June 13, 2006.
Aerial² says: simply Great. Really. It's a great Shot. A² -- 03:58AM, June 16, 2006.
alonsodr says: No words, my friend!! Perfection! -- 09:35AM, June 20, 2006.
~C o n i P e n d o l a~ says: So sexy.. -- 07:26PM, June 21, 2006.
mOdunique says: Perfect capture! -- 05:30PM, June 22, 2006.
Diego-go-go says: you make a wonderfull work, i realy like your photos... -- 05:28AM, June 23, 2006.
Zenith Phuong says: thsi shot is indeed amazing... fav -- 02:25PM, June 23, 2006.
sphnx~ says: Nice textures. -- 09:46PM, July 04, 2006.
camdens_mom says: I wonder if he's read any Kerouac? -- 06:25PM, July 12, 2006.
Ro Halfhide says: A hobo... didn't know they still exist. Maybe this person has a good life? -- 09:34AM, July 19, 2006.
jenandben2004 says: you can feel where he's been and where he's going through your shot. Beautiful. -- 04:05PM, July 19, 2006.
lost4words says: Wow, this is good. I'm sat at your feet, man. -- 06:52PM, July 26, 2006.
Enoz says: Please, please, please tell me how you approched him? Like the way you ask him for a few shots? Uhrm poses? or not... Things like that, I'm very interested in this. -- 04:29PM, August 01, 2006.
stoneth says: Thanks!!! damien_p58: getting going on that :) Sawrah: just try to make a connection personally :) try to minimize the existence of the cam Tampen: yes :) centrifuga: yes ;))))) !!!! Enoz: just asked if i could take his picture :)) -- 05:30PM, August 02, 2006.
BeeS and StickS says: I absolutely love this photo. Amazing portraits! So glad I came across your page. greets! -- 02:16PM, September 13, 2006.
Tango Jack says: you have some really beautiful portraits -- 03:16PM, October 09, 2006.
WatermelonSugar says: This is a great portrait fully perfect -- 10:12PM, November 02, 2006.
Briannahm says: All of your work is absolutely beautiful -- 08:22PM, November 20, 2006.
Paul Ballen says: Great portrait! -- 03:50PM, November 29, 2006.
ESCAPISTAS says: que buena foto. and the title makes it artwar. -- 04:37AM, March 27, 2007.
Palmtreefreak575 says: yet another... WOW!!!!!! -- 04:18AM, April 14, 2007.
Paul Anatta says: could you post a unthouched photo... it is amaizing how expressive are... how could i learn to do that.... thnks -- 04:19PM, April 28, 2007.
a_h_d says: wow -- 12:07PM, May 02, 2007.
Donna Francé says: I love this foto...a fave! -- 04:45PM, May 06, 2007.
monikica_081 says: great work... -- 09:54PM, July 06, 2007.
playfullydark says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Gloved and Smoking Men for Women, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 07:32AM, August 27, 2007.
saibia says: Super, amazing! -- 02:43PM, September 13, 2007.
JasChristTheCrucified says: How'd you get that texture on the gloves? -- 01:15AM, September 24, 2007.
nina*muoric says: this is the best photo i ´´ve ever seen. he reminds me the man i loved at most... our lost son...:( i would like to fav it 1000 times -- 02:28PM, November 10, 2007.
Voorheessssss says: He's beautiful. -- 06:42AM, January 31, 2008.
amandak2323 says: This picture let's your imagination wander. It's wonderful and I adore it. -- 06:46PM, January 31, 2008.
India Eileen says: I'm sorry, but he reminds me of a really updated version of Indiana Jones :D -- 08:44PM, March 04, 2008.
mapleslass says: i didn't think people still hopped trains. -- 11:23PM, May 14, 2008.
Trista! says: i also like his star on face ! -- 05:53PM, July 17, 2008.
[Mariam] says: Quite the beautiful bone structure he has. Nose aswell. -- 05:53AM, July 24, 2008.
Garrett Brown Photography says: amazing title -- 01:10AM, August 14, 2008.
Polanshek's Artwork says: all of your pictures are so beautiful. -- 08:16PM, October 14, 2008.
Kirstenv says: Wow, beautiful picture. Your portraits of the "street kids" are very impressive and I think it's great that you tell their stories as well. -- Seen in someone's favorites. (?) -- 09:42PM, October 26, 2008.
comfort_of_winter says: Simply amazing portrait. -- 04:24AM, February 03, 2009.
wiley09 says: your portraits are just so good -- 08:59PM, April 08, 2009.
nomadfeet++ says: more than tattoo, it looks like he's been branded. -- 04:54PM, September 05, 2009.
pinkzibra says: Incredible. Three years on, I wonder what his story is today... -- 04:14AM, September 11, 2009.
OiLiLy says: holy hell this is great ..he looks like a character from a film...i guess he is called *life* -- 05:53PM, December 03, 2009.
Photo--Graphy says: Wow... Fantastic shot View my photos at -- 10:25PM, March 19, 2011.
ONE GOOD EYE says: The train bound for no where. We are all searching for something. -- 08:50AM, June 26, 2011.
TürkNikon says: Congratulations! your work has chosen as the best photos taken by 50mm Lens at TurkNikon Congratulations! your work has chosen as the best photo taken by 50mm f/1.8 Lens at Türk Nikon -- 11:53AM, December 01, 2011.
Captainchaoz says: Classic portrait shot of an interesting subject. -- 09:53AM, December 22, 2011.