homeless man
san francisco
april, 2009

he's mammoth versus rourke's wrestler and rougher on the edges. he's a frightful form towering forth vengefully spitting curses. sandaled, his feet are cracked and caked with crusty flakes.

i expect venom as i approach. but oddly he's least frightening up close. somehow i'm less aware of his hulking size. it helps when he's seated rolling butts into a makeshift cigar with paper ripped from a bag.

he seems a trick of the light. seen differently by the angle. a change in vantage more than character. but he has a genuine warmth now as i sit below watching his recline on a doorway stoop. all about, easter revelers pass in a different world.

name's türk from stuttgart; born in 62. mom's in germany now. he doesn't guess she has long to go. spoke with her last week. he'd like to visit before she passes, but hasn't figured how.

there's great confusion in him.

there's clarity as he relates fly fishing in kentucky or his left forward play in high school in gainesville. we talk about his leaving high school early; never returning, though he'd thought he would. about the lives he's lived; and the lifestyles.

but there's darkness all about. holes that he fills with fantasy and intrigue. they jumble and grind to a halt every time. and frustrated he says "but you understand right?"

i smile and say "yes, i understand."

::big daddy k:: says: you are absolutely amazing. love the photos and the notes. really brilliant work my friend. -- 07:29PM, April 13, 2009.
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jobarracuda says: i love it. i admire that you took time to converse with your subject. the story made the photo more special. somehow the story made me feel connected with him. hat's off to you. -- 07:58PM, April 13, 2009.
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optimaver says: Every man has a story to tell and the right to tell it and be heard.... I say. You are a great listener, and the portraits you bring to us come with those insights that many in certain industries would like to have into the human character and behavior... and a glimpse at the souls too. Thank you for sharing! -- 11:29PM, April 13, 2009.
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lakewentworth says: Excellent - I love your portraits. -- 01:18AM, April 14, 2009.
colliewobbles says: Your portraits are inspiring. I shall endeavor to extract more of the person when I make contact with these guys here in Liverpool, UK. -- 01:24AM, April 14, 2009.
AH in Pgh says: striking portrait, poetic account of your intersection in time and space -- 01:52AM, April 14, 2009.
Jordan Flynn says: Awesome shot! i love it that you take the time to converse with your subjects learning their story and then include it in the description giving the viewer a reason to care. Also, great framing with turks hood. Am glad i added you as contact, will keep an eye out for your future work. Keep it up! -- 02:50AM, April 14, 2009.
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