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a rocket to the moon

Published Recently

recent highlights of published work; tear sheets available upon request

jun 2012: jonny craig, Alternative Press Magazine alternative press magazine (2 photos)

jun 2012: attack attack!, Alternative Press Magazine alternative press magazine (photo)

jun 2012: bonnaroo, Rolling Stone (66 photos + coverage photos)

jun 2012: oh land, Rolling Stone (photo)

jun 2012: off!, Rolling Stone (photo)

may 2012: delta spirit, Rolling Stone (photo)

apr 2012: m83, Rolling Stone (photos)

mar 2012: fun., Rolling Stone (photo)

mar 2012: yeah yeah yeahs @ creators project, Rolling Stone (photo)

feb 2012: roger hodgson, Rolling Stone (photo)

jan 2012: print campaign, uk (photo)

jan 2012: a rocket to the moon, Alternative Press Magazine alternative press magazine (2 photos)

dec 2011: sebastian bach + glenn gughes + serj tankian + tom morello + etc. @ dimebash, Rolling Stone (10 photos for event coverage)

dec 2011: rex brown @dimbash, Rolling Stone (photo for article)

dec 2011: dinosaur jr, Rolling Stone (photo for article)

nov 2011: kyuss lives, Rolling Stone (photo)

nov 2011: lykkee li, Rolling Stone (photo)

nov 2011: four year strong + the swellers + gallows + sharks, Alternative Press Magazine alternative press magazine (50 photos)

the sharks

oct 2011: tom morello, Rolling Stone (photo for article)

oct 2011: occupy la, Rolling Stone (photos for coverage)

oct 2011: the cab, Alternative Press Magazine alternative press magazine (photo)

oct 2011: jess bowen, the summer set, Alternative Press Magazine alternative press magazine (photo for article)

oct 2011: this time next year, Alternative Press Magazine alternative press magazine (photo for article)

oct 2011: smashing pumpkins, Rolling Stone (photo)

oct 2011: metallica + anthrax + slayer + megadeth, Rolling Stone (20 photos)

sep 2011: print placement, uk (Aviva) (photo)

sep 2011: gavin rossdale, bush, Rolling Stone (photo)

oct 2011: chris conley, saves the day, Alternative Press Magazine alternative press magazine (photo)

sep 2011: heartsounds, Alternative Press Magazine alternative press magazine (5 photos)

july 2011: warped tour, Alternative Press Magazine alternative press magazine (photos for coverage)

jun 2011: university of minnesota + american sociological association, "contexts" magazine (5 photos)

june 2011: brian dales, the summer set, Alternative Press Magazine alternative press magazine (photo)


dewey bragg

peter murphy

Publicity Shoots

recent shoots & shots

mar 2012: andrew w.k.

feb 2012: craig owens

jan 2012: sleepy sun

jan 2012: the cab

nov 2011: this time next year

oct 2011: pepper

oct 2011: switchfoot

oct 2011: the summer set

oct 2011: bobby long

jun 2011: peter murphy


diamond rings

Candid Highlights

recent candid (etc.) highlights

jon foreman


the summer set


...more candids in set: here

lana del rey

Recent Live

recent live concert highlights

oh land


the pretty reckless


v v brown

...more live: here (below)

...2010 live: here (below)



recent events

Cross International dec 2011haiti w/ cross international and w/ joe white

KPFKnov 2011: "political photography",  tom stone and ben lowy interviewed by kpfk's jim lafferty, "the lawyer's guild" (los angeles)

DNJ Gallery sep 2011: dnj gallery, group show (los angeles)

Germanyjul 2011: universitat freiburg (exhibition + presentation + discussion) (germany)

may 2011: tender greens (walnut creek, ca) (press event)

jun 2011: university of minnesota, tom stone interviewed by "the society pages" / "office hours" (audio podcast)

apr 2011: tender greens (walnut creek, ca) (installation)

dec 2010: james gray gallery (los angeles) (benefit exhibition + concert), with:

Ryan Bingham

ryan bingham

nov 2010: space 15 twenty (los angeles) (benefit exhibition of film depicting outsiders series)

nov 2010: dnj gallery (los angeles) (preview exhibition)

jun 2010: switchfoot bro-am (san diego) (benefit auction), with: switchfoot

feb 2010: the g2 gallery (los angeles) (benefit exhibition), with: 

ABC's Desperate Housewives


Seen Online

recent highlights

dec 2011: dimebash album, keyclub facebook page (26 photos)

dec 2011: tom morello, management (GoldVE) facebook page (photo)

oct 2011: article -- "it's in the eyes", about outsiders series, the good men project

oct 2011: the summer set, band facebook page (36 photos)

oct 2011: bobby long, bobby's facebook page (8 photos)

sep 2011: never shout never, band facebook page (21 photos)

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never shout never


arcade fire

Recent Live Highlights (cont.)

7031519445_tbd6885422310_tbd6885422254_tbd 7031518871_tbd6885421886_tbd6885421790_tbd 7031519279_tbd7031518781_tbd6885421546_tbd
7031519753_tbd6885422542_tbd6885422494_tbd 7031519137_tbd7031518917_tbd6885421740_tbd 7031518621_tbd6885421018_tbd7031518425_tbd

arctic monkeys

panic! at the disco

the devil wears prada

my chemical romance

6885420140_tbd6885420838_tbd7031517467_tbd 6885420348_tbd6885420724_tbd7031516959_tbd 6885420912_tbd6885419574_tbd7031517007_tbd
7031517503_tbd7031517315_tbd6885420106_tbd 6885419898_tbd6885419954_tbd7031517267_tbd 7031516495_tbd7031516625_tbd
7031517577_tbd7031517693_tbd 6885419498_tbd6885420958_tbd  

2010 Live Highlights

7028566093_tbd6882468046_tbd6837871203_tbd 6643210943_tbd7028567341_tbd6643210671_tbd 6882464842_tbd6882464930_tbd6882465040_tbd

mumford & sons

the dead weather

reeve carney

biffy clyro

6882466096_tbd7028564503_tbd6643209795_tbd 6882467828_tbd7028567975_tbd6882467904_tbd 6643207535_tbd6643207385_tbd6643207119_tbd
7028564339_tbd7028564267_tbd6882464048_tbd 6882463764_tbd6882463822_tbd6882463910_tbd 6643206913_tbd6643206605_tbd6643206023_tbd
7028565421_tbd6882465458_tbd7028563697_tbd 6882465522_tbd6643208851_tbd6643208733_tbd 6643205715_tbd6643205379_tbd
7028621757_tbd6643209565_tbd6643209199_tbd 6643208449_tbd6643208283_tbd6643208005_tbd