homeless girl with doll
san francisco
april, 2006

homeless kat from marin. kat has a cart and has been rapidly culling the trash cans for recycling. she has a doll around her neck; its arms in a constant embrace.

i find myself staring. she reminds me of someone.


Hans van Reenen says: Excellent b/w portrait. -- 10:59PM, April 30, 2006.
99% says: that's beautiful...ido you have more of a full length, im intrigued about this beautiful homeless girl... -- 11:00PM, April 30, 2006.
*BOOJOO* says: wow eyes are telling a story and that doll thing is very interesting -- 11:02PM, April 30, 2006.
ANOXLOU says: Stoneth is back, with a vengeance! Another good one ..bro ! Funny how we find our Xs in the faces of others. -- 11:02PM, April 30, 2006.
Big Fat Rat says: Wow! She has the most astonishing eyes. Piercing, sort of thing. She reminds me of someone, too, but I'm not exactly sure who. (seen in 1-2-3 pool) -- 11:02PM, April 30, 2006.
Loki* says: i imagine that you just want to look after her -- 11:03PM, April 30, 2006.
muskva says: ...she is so young, a kid -- 11:06PM, April 30, 2006.
TobiTobi ( now says: wow what a crisp shot, Wow! I love that 50mm shots, great story telling eyes! 1-2-3 -- 11:06PM, April 30, 2006.
. Az says: So beautiful. -- 11:10PM, April 30, 2006.
original_ann says: She's so beautiful... it makes you wonder what brought her to this life... -- 11:10PM, April 30, 2006.
pfflyers1 says: A young Natasha Kinski -- 11:25PM, April 30, 2006.
Donna Sullivan Thomson says: She reminds me of Ingrid Bergman when she was a young girl. Her eyes are beautiful and even after all she has probably been through, you see a smile shining through them. God bless her! Green eyes? Beautiful and thoughtful shot! -- 11:26PM, April 30, 2006.
[brett walker] says: Killer killer shot. -- 11:28PM, April 30, 2006.
✪ Zuan says: Incredible portrait Tom! -- 11:34PM, April 30, 2006.
pallamaio says: I think it has been a really odd experience...I can see your staring eyes reflected into hers... -- 11:36PM, April 30, 2006.
slamehi says: Beautiful kat! Lovely eyes and great figure. Amazing portrait! -- 11:38PM, April 30, 2006.
J_B - Johnny B says: ...and incredible -- 12:07AM, May 01, 2006.
AndroidParanoid says: good one -- 12:24AM, May 01, 2006.
dr.snitch says: Great EYES!! -- 01:00AM, May 01, 2006.
Nekominn says: She is really beautiful. Great capture. -- 01:07AM, May 01, 2006.
BlackLove says: As always, great. -- 01:18AM, May 01, 2006.
Paradise Regained says: almost painful to look at - her wariness..that she still wants to trust...difficult to walk away, I guess... -- 01:32AM, May 01, 2006.
Roitsch says: she looks great.amazing -- 02:46AM, May 01, 2006.
Lali° says: She looks so young, so very very young... -- 03:08AM, May 01, 2006.
nathalie booth says: Wonderful portrait -- 04:12AM, May 01, 2006.
m0xie says: her eyes are stunning. great shot. -- 04:32AM, May 01, 2006.
Merkur* says: And looks very much like a distant cousine of mine, ... amazing shot! -- 04:56AM, May 01, 2006.
slamehi says: I looked at her again and again. She is probably my age or even younger and she has burnt the front of her hair. "Why is she there?" I kept thinking and I felt sad. "What is going to happen to her?" getting old on the streets, losing all her teeth and develope visible scars that would never vanish. Well I hope she does not lose that little joy and hope that still exist in her eyes and that minuscule smile on her lips. -- 06:45AM, May 01, 2006.
doublecappuccino says: Great! Really piercing eyes. -- 07:16AM, May 01, 2006.
Epizut_Scratch et Griffe says: merci... -- 10:07AM, May 01, 2006.
Irith Gubi says: very impressive capture. -- 12:38PM, May 01, 2006.
jasperroz says: She is beautiful...She looks much too young to be on the street. -- 01:21PM, May 01, 2006.
song* says: breathtaking! -- 01:44PM, May 01, 2006.
Harpersbizarre says: Another beauty.... -- 02:22PM, May 01, 2006.
Nil! says: fantastic portrait -- 04:19PM, May 01, 2006.
Gale Franey says: These images have the power to act as a catalyst for change. They could be compiled and published or displayed ... for people to see and think deeply about ... when many people unite on an issue, they have the power to force governments to take action ... and when governments come under public scrutiny, they feel an obligation to provide real services (as opposed to lip service) to alleviate the plight of these people. -- 04:36PM, May 01, 2006.
wilfredo pascual says: piercing. this girl will save the world. -- 06:23PM, May 01, 2006.
auwa says: piercing was the first word that came to mind when I first look at this photo. -- 06:49PM, May 01, 2006.
Paul Zollo says: yes, very great. -- 08:39PM, May 01, 2006.
Nebbish1 says: Beautiful portrait. Such lovely eyes. -- 08:47PM, May 01, 2006.
TobiTobi ( now says: ------------------------------------------------- !!! THE FACE !!! Please add this exceptional image to: ------------------------------------------------- -- 08:57PM, May 01, 2006.
Zac says: Indelibles and bottomless eyes! -- 09:11PM, May 01, 2006.
Mernas says: oh wow.. and what an incredible face.. her penetrating gaze is quite amazing.. fantastic portrait once again.. -- 10:22PM, May 01, 2006.
zo.zena says: STUNNING!!!! great portrait! beautiful eyes!! -- 01:35AM, May 02, 2006.
Desiretofire: music is the shape of silence says: beautiful! -- 08:39AM, May 02, 2006.
ziopilo says: cool! -- 09:49AM, May 02, 2006.
andrea francesco says: Another great portrait. This series is a work of a genius... -- 03:04PM, May 02, 2006.
ellinoora.h says: Good work, very intesive mood. -- 07:05PM, May 02, 2006.
mozinos says: eyes speak... -- 08:26PM, May 02, 2006.
♥ Unlimited says: those beautiful eyes surely have so much to tell... excelent shot! -- 08:42PM, May 02, 2006.
10281 taxi de amor says: que hermoso él y tambien la fotografia besos :) -- 12:20AM, May 03, 2006.
Micky** says: Fantastic!!! -- 12:20AM, May 03, 2006.
capturedbychelsea says: Incredible. Beautiful portrait. -- 02:18AM, May 03, 2006.
various visual stuff says: those eyes.. keep me staring too -- 09:03AM, May 03, 2006.
the_butterfly says: she looks as a young Ingrid Bergman -- 10:16AM, May 03, 2006.
Ochaviere says: One more excellent portrait!!! You really can capt something more than a physical thing in your shots! Wonderful -- 01:32PM, May 03, 2006.
sMacshot-on semi hiatus says: I can relate to the need for the doll around her neck in trying times. And regarding your comment about her looking like someone you once knew, it just tells us all; there but for the grace of God.... -- 05:05PM, May 03, 2006.
Bailey_Blue_Photography says: why does she carry the doll I wonder? great shot btw -- 06:21PM, May 03, 2006.
Brussels is Boring (Cass) says: There was this homeless guy. Trashed every flat he was given. Charities nearly gave up. Then someone took the time to listen to him. He had been in the kitchen making a drink for his pregnant fiancée. When he goes back into the living room she is dying. Someone broke in, saw her, panicked, stabbed her and fled. Both she and baby die. He can never again live in a place with corners he can't see round. Drives him crazy. He thinks "if I had seen... maybe she would have been ok". So finally they try him with a caravan. He feels good. He can see everything. Settles down. Starts living again. You never know why. It could be any of us. You just have to hope someone will take the time to listen to you too. -- 07:46PM, May 04, 2006.
kiplingflu says: must have had terrible bad luck. Cause of a pretty girl with lovely eyes you could think she has oppertunities. No such luck I guess. -- 07:51PM, May 04, 2006.
wyn_wyn says: this one kills me. -- 11:17AM, May 07, 2006.
tsungli2000 says: Very nice picture! I like the contrast and the feeling that she is trying to tell from her eyes. Great job! -- 08:01AM, May 09, 2006.
dirtypearl 2005-2009 says: sad and beautiful at once -- 05:27PM, May 09, 2006.
The Norwegian says: not just a gaze... -- 10:46PM, May 09, 2006.
FranFran says: wow fantastica ;) -- 09:50AM, May 10, 2006.
nonesuch says: I agree with those who said "Ingrid Bergman;" my first thought was Isabella Rosellini. -- 06:17PM, May 10, 2006.
enjae says: Total Bergman in that gaze. -- 12:55AM, May 11, 2006.
suzie Q/jagged little pill says: She reminds me of someone who wants others to know that she is alive. -- 02:59AM, May 11, 2006.
iamchrisjett says: So sad. -- 03:44AM, May 11, 2006.
Ray Renati Photography says: She looks like she could have been or once was a celebrity. Striking eyes. -- 04:05PM, May 11, 2006.
3rd foundation says: Captivating photo. -- 03:46AM, May 15, 2006.
pomarc says: isabella rossellini. -- 08:42AM, May 15, 2006.
Debbie C.B.'s says: exactlly Isabella, thought that right away beutiful photo indeed -- 12:27PM, May 19, 2006.
Spirited_Away says: Excellent! You're the best :) -- 04:17PM, May 19, 2006.
Robert Lio says: Just puzzle's me to see such a beautiful girl going threw the trash!! You'd think her life would be so much different. Just stunning eyes and great photo!! -- 08:08PM, May 19, 2006.
Darja Bajagić says: Beautiful doesn't do this photo any justice. -- 12:31PM, May 25, 2006.
redhotjezebel says: stunningly beautiful young girl with heartbreaking eyes. again, really, there are no words. -- 01:21AM, June 06, 2006.
scottehumphrey says: Her eyes burn into me -- 02:02AM, June 06, 2006.
JMAJ says: Her eyes have many stories -- 09:48PM, June 12, 2006.
marcelo b says: the posture is allways amazing. where it comes from? -- 07:57PM, June 20, 2006.
maykennn says: how can such a girl end up in the streets... -- 07:48AM, June 22, 2006.
passions just like mine says: this is my favourite but every pic is special, full of life... your work is great!!! -- 12:38PM, June 27, 2006.
fetching says: the striped shirt and her look reminds me of photos from the Nazi concentration camps. beautiful portrait. -- 05:54AM, July 01, 2006.
si3illa says: When I look at your pictures I don't know if my english is so bad that I can't express what I feel or if I really have no words to express my feelings. Your entire photostream is stunning, but this picture... these eyes... Your touch is magic. -- 08:36PM, July 11, 2006.
-pecas- says: que ojos!! -- 06:45PM, August 06, 2006.
Anas_tasia says: Beautifull eyes -- 02:31PM, August 10, 2006.
fotogail says: she reminds me of that famous photo of the girl from afganistan years ago... perhaps it was a national geographic cover? anybody remember that or who shot it? -- 09:13PM, August 19, 2006.
aka_photoandy says: She reminds me of Isabella Rosellini. Amazing portraits and stories... -- 09:24PM, August 22, 2006.
Shuushuu-by-Lulu says: This portrait reminds me of the Afghan refugee girl on the cover of National Geographic by Steve McCurry. The eyes are just as intense and honest. You have collected amazing stories about the human condition. -- 10:20PM, August 24, 2006.
Immagina says: A Big FaveA Big Fave Please add this to Apart from this glittering star (it only means that I like your pic, while there's nothing to be happy about the meaning of it), I think your work among the homeless in US is really great and a great piece of photojournalism. I would only suggest to tell this story not only via portraits, but depicting situation as well. Thanx, really, for sharing. -- 05:19PM, August 28, 2006.
guzzie says: Cool, iI like it! -- 09:07AM, September 03, 2006.
little_stitcher says: Beautiful girl! She looks like Tricky -- 09:30PM, September 03, 2006.
whoopdeedoo says: its all in the eyes -- 01:46PM, September 07, 2006.
kidoki says: her eyes seems like she's looking right through you. -- 01:48PM, October 08, 2006.
ladycakestakueszebait says: cool right back to you -- 08:48AM, October 18, 2006.
GoodMoon says: Reminds me of the highly praised Afganistan girl picture in National Geographic. What a capture. -- 08:43AM, November 13, 2006.
beelzebuddha says: she has Ingrid Bergman's eyes... actually, she looks more like Ingrid's daughter, Isabella Rossellini... great pic. -- 07:23PM, November 16, 2006.
.Mohammad Taheri says: touched my heart:. -- 09:10AM, November 21, 2006.
melissabarbosa2 says: yes, she looks like isabela rossellini... -- 03:49AM, December 15, 2006.
katie curran taylor says: she reminds me of someone too.....wondering if it is the same person or just a familiar face..... -- 10:28PM, December 20, 2006.
Henný G says: I have to say that your flickr page looks amazing. Stunning work. -- 11:15PM, January 11, 2007.
loriaustex says: Well, pardon my pile-on for the gushing. Of course I've sent a number of image-oriented people to your Flickr site. I really, really love the work you're doing. But I also had to rely on your help last night. I've committed to sketching something every day (*sigh*) and the day blew past with breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, post-work errands. Then once home, the cats were zipping around in and out of my line of sight, and my normally sweet hubby was In A Huff doing some after-work work. But I needed to draw someone. So I came here, and did a sketch based on "Indelible." I hope you don't mind -- but if you do, please let me know at or lwitzel [at] austin [dot] rr [dot] com. I hope your day is filled with resonance and light. -- 11:37AM, January 12, 2007.
cajueiro says: fantastic! -- 11:11AM, February 02, 2007.
tfranco says: Isabella Rossellini, yes. -- 08:23PM, March 01, 2007.
dotspiral says: she reminds me of my ex-wife who died of aids lately god please help all of them! -- 01:53PM, April 27, 2007.
*Lucky No.7* says: Familiar- probably because we see ouselves. Could be anyone of us............ -- 04:52AM, May 10, 2007.
fthbytr says: beautiful girl. -- 11:50AM, May 19, 2007.
H_Chick says: At a quick glance there is something about the gaze that reminds me of Ingrid Bergman - then just as quickly its gone -- 05:01AM, September 19, 2007.
Crazy_sam32 says: I love how you take these pictures in black and white. Its amazing how they look. <3 -- 02:28AM, December 15, 2007.
joao1983 says: I stayed surprised with so many poverty in one town. I didn't know USA was like that. You have animal's societies to care dog's and other animal, but nobody take care of this young and old, black and white people. We are a poor country, Portugal, but I never saw nothing like this in my country. I can't do nothing for it, and i feel pain about. -- 09:32AM, February 23, 2008.
daeganlife (sensored) says: paralyzing imbrace... -- 02:05AM, March 16, 2008.
thedeming says: Wow, it's so sad to see someone so beautiful in such a terrible situation. It makes me wonder how? Why not me? What makes me any different than her? -- 05:28AM, April 07, 2008.
Fernando Sosa says: like with all your portraits, on the technical side it's an excellent portrait, but on the human side, it goes to a hole different level. Thanks for sharing all of them. -- 11:39PM, May 29, 2008.
sunrisesunsetsunrisesunset says: she looks like Scarlett Johanson. Really beautiful -- 04:18PM, August 17, 2008.
souu says: hey. i did this like 2 years ago i have paintings of several of your pictures, i used to love drawing them -- 03:21AM, October 17, 2008.
Art Carbuncle says: These protraits are fantastic, and the stories are heartbreaking. Makes you want to offer these people more than just a few coins. Beauty counts for nothing, in a world where beauty is everything. -- 04:37PM, October 24, 2008.
Franz Stadlwieser says: telling stories! -- 07:45PM, April 14, 2009.
decembre says: __ ★ Thank you too for your post in : Portrait★Faces: (Dramatica) Continue... ___ -- Seen in the group"Portrait★Faces" (?) -- 10:29PM, October 16, 2011.
Jorge ARTeaga says: Great work you have here . . . -- 01:17PM, July 01, 2013.