hard knock leif
drifter leif with face tattoo in tenderloin
san francisco
may, 2006

homeless man from texas. he's off to los angeles as soon as he can scrape together the cash. got his tattoo done years ago at a place called the mystic mark.

when i first saw him, he was checking through some leaves by the curb. he has debris on his face.

his name is leif; pronounced "life."


PhotoLab XL says: Great portrait! 1-2-3 -- 07:17AM, May 04, 2006.
Nicola Del Mutolo says: When Numismatic have seen this photo, he said: "Oh..what a photo!" Quando Numismatic ha visto questa foto ha detto: "Oh..che foto!" P.S: I'm sorry if my english is not good. -- 07:21AM, May 04, 2006.
dos1598 says: Powerful! -- 07:24AM, May 04, 2006.
calian says: wow! Great portrait. Very dramatic. 123. -- 07:28AM, May 04, 2006.
Claudio Ramirez says: Love your work. Again, those eyes ... Claudio -- 07:45AM, May 04, 2006.
muskva says: watta face!!! -- 07:49AM, May 04, 2006.
kelco says: running out of superlatives... -- 07:49AM, May 04, 2006.
neophone says: great!! -- 07:51AM, May 04, 2006.
woman must dance! says: Another brilliant capture. Leif is a Norwegian name, by the way :) -- 08:08AM, May 04, 2006.
Glauka[deleted] says: Your portraits... Always so touching! This one, with the tatoo on his face, is very original and wonderful. Have a good day! -- 08:15AM, May 04, 2006.
Louis Dobson (formerly acampm1) says: Very striking portrait indeed... -- 08:54AM, May 04, 2006.
PAX - nl says: Beautiful, touching portrait.... -- 09:15AM, May 04, 2006.
Norma Desmond says: such sadness in his eyes. -- 09:23AM, May 04, 2006.
Stefan Rubino says: great unique portrait. 123 -- 09:44AM, May 04, 2006.
sengsta says: Tattoos and piercings aside, the eyes just nail you - they are so human, so beeseching. I don't know how you do it but don't stop - every street portrait is a gem and brings us closer to an understanding of our fellow humans. -- 11:08AM, May 04, 2006.
BlackLove says: Great expression. I love the tatoos. -- 11:19AM, May 04, 2006.
Sook Ching Soon says: I love your work. I started taking photos a month ago. So I learn by first looking at your work everyday. -- 11:32AM, May 04, 2006.
Carlos Ferguson says: amazing, i love his tatoos -- 12:10PM, May 04, 2006.
Nekominn says: Yeah that is hard core. Great job. -- 12:11PM, May 04, 2006.
dariuszka says: what a face!! great shot! -- 12:14PM, May 04, 2006.
manuel@ says: no word! only great -- 12:29PM, May 04, 2006.
d200 dug No censorship! says: Great shot sad and proud very human -- 12:35PM, May 04, 2006.
Julien Robitaille Photographie says: Wow another great portrait ! Very nice. -- 12:48PM, May 04, 2006.
TobiTobi ( now www.ipernity.com/home/tobitobi) says: great humanism! wonderful processing! -- 12:50PM, May 04, 2006.
~BranchDesign says: very interesting -- 01:07PM, May 04, 2006.
Jaevus says: Lots of depth in this portrait, excellent shot! O_O -- 01:19PM, May 04, 2006.
dave watts says: what a character, amazing portrait! -- 01:32PM, May 04, 2006.
Amelia PS says: powerful portrait, true -- 01:41PM, May 04, 2006.
paul goyette says: stunning, as always. are you doing an exhibit of these anytime soon? you should. -- 01:50PM, May 04, 2006.
* Ahmad Kavousian * says: Great shot, and great art of socializing to get along with street people. -- 01:54PM, May 04, 2006.
helmut the horrible says: Inspiring flotsam, the love of life -- 02:03PM, May 04, 2006.
Ignacio LPM says: Excellent. Very powerful. There is Life in Leif. -- 02:20PM, May 04, 2006.
Mc Lau says: Really impressive!!! -- 02:53PM, May 04, 2006.
acastellano says: i second paul_goyette! -- 03:37PM, May 04, 2006.
zokete says: Mamma mia....great portrait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- 04:19PM, May 04, 2006.
bigeoino says: Wow, really striking shot. and great that you actually took the time to find out a bit about the subject! - 123 -- 04:27PM, May 04, 2006.
artpunx says: some one made a comment about superhero tattoos. the pain in the eyes and the tattoo really make you wonder about this mans story ilove it. i love portraits in general and am always trying to catch a little something more in a person. -- 04:43PM, May 04, 2006.
Lady Vervaine says: My goodness, you are amazing, Stoneth. These shots take my breath away. So frontal, so direct, so honest. And so beautiful. Much respect to you, sir - and to all those who stand before your camera. -- 04:48PM, May 04, 2006.
Therapystudio says: I like this picture, I think it's more because of the way his eyes stand out. -- 05:13PM, May 04, 2006.
damien_p58 says: Awesome portrait !!! -- 05:19PM, May 04, 2006.
romanedirisinghe says: Not all who wander are lost. -- 05:53PM, May 04, 2006.
isabella_s says: wow changing perspectives, so nice portrait -- 05:57PM, May 04, 2006.
Llima says: I love the debris and the freckles most. Great. -- 06:03PM, May 04, 2006.
alebao73 says: i am wordsless!!! this is really great!!! ciao -- 06:19PM, May 04, 2006.
ojaipatrick says: Great portrait! -- 06:54PM, May 04, 2006.
fotoattack says: Excellent, my friend. -- 06:56PM, May 04, 2006.
patisfaction ~ censored says: impressive guy with that facial ink! -- 07:08PM, May 04, 2006.
nathalie booth says: I love this portrait, I am always amazed by face tatoos like this one, this picture is so powerful -- 07:29PM, May 04, 2006.
salgal says: one picture is surely worth 1,000 words. at least this one is -- 08:11PM, May 04, 2006.
Bailey_Blue_Photography says: another great photo Stoneth! -- 08:25PM, May 04, 2006.
TjF Photography says: awesome shot! -- 08:43PM, May 04, 2006.
ANOXLOU says: Mr. Stoneth you ROCK! you ought to come down south -- 09:00PM, May 04, 2006.
_sim_ says: is it debris or remains of his joint? This is an awesome portrait! -- 09:48PM, May 04, 2006.
Guillaume (www.gcpic.com) says: this is perfection! -- 10:01PM, May 04, 2006.
El Pupii says: I feel the same way, sometimes -- 10:13PM, May 04, 2006.
. Az says: stunning...love this shot. really dig your shallow dof and the sharpness of your subjects. -- 10:50PM, May 04, 2006.
Faborito says: Front page Explorer, congrats!! -- 10:59PM, May 04, 2006.
Gee M Pages says: ! -- 12:07AM, May 05, 2006.
*Ivan* says: Congratulations! This image is currently one of Flickr's most interesting photos for 04 may 2006. (It is on page one of the calendar view.) Would you please add it to the Interestingness pool? It would be a great addition! -- 12:18AM, May 05, 2006.
*BOOJOO* says: you are having quiet a conversation with your people great portraits great stories behind them -- 01:17AM, May 05, 2006.
Paul Zollo says: a beautiful portrait, tomas. there's something so amazing about tattoos in general, that people would have designs and colors injected into their skin permanently - but to do it to the face! Amazing. And great photo of it. Would like to see this in color. And is that a joint or a cigarette? For some reason, it matters to me. . . . . . -- 01:18AM, May 05, 2006.
the mighty jimbo says: you do awesome work. -- 03:55AM, May 05, 2006.
great_sea says: now that is a portrait... wow. -- 04:13AM, May 05, 2006.
Amateur critic says: The cigarette is probably rolled from loose tobacco, which is cheap but people often mistake them for joints because a lot of disabled and street people twist the ends. Powerful catch of mans inhumanity to man. Why does this person not have a place to live or an extended family that will take him in? -- 05:54AM, May 05, 2006.
DaveSinclair says: fantastic! -- 07:28AM, May 05, 2006.
aviv lerner-beilis says: this photo is truly touching... i just wanna ge to know this guy -- 07:45AM, May 05, 2006.
Amy Raa says: WOW! You have great portraits! That's life,B&W photo. -- 08:57AM, May 05, 2006.
princess_sorrow_gerona says: Descubrí hace poco tu blog visitando a Fabio y estoy gratamente sorprendida con tu trabajo. Increibles fotografias. Tras esas miradas y esos rostros se esconden muchas historias y experiencias. Gran trabajo, felicidades. -- 10:44AM, May 05, 2006.
deletted says: live pop-eye -- 11:15AM, May 05, 2006.
experimien says: Did you see his eyes? O, man so sad. What has life given him for having such sad eyes? The portrait shows also intrepidity and I had to stare at it for minutes. It touches me deep in my heart. :) -- 11:35AM, May 05, 2006.
Hilde80 says: Beautiful! Sorry, no words. -- 11:39AM, May 05, 2006.
couleurs gm says: tous vos portraits sont magnifiques! -- 12:30PM, May 05, 2006.
Jorge A Silva says: what a carismatic character, great foto -- 12:39PM, May 05, 2006.
Hudlu says: Great portrait!! -- 01:00PM, May 05, 2006.
Nekominn says: If you didnt know this photo is on front of Interestingness right now. flickr.com/explore/interesting/ -- 01:02PM, May 05, 2006.
Darryn van der Walt says: incredible portrait -- 03:02PM, May 05, 2006.
Valerie Malta Photography says: Great portrait. That face tells an interesting and tragic story..... -- 03:18PM, May 05, 2006.
Alisa Surprise! says: what an amazing photo and story to go with it. His eyes say he's a nice genuine person. -- 04:08PM, May 05, 2006.
סּ-סּ says: wow amaing -- 04:14PM, May 05, 2006.
d-w- says: Amazing set. -- 05:21PM, May 05, 2006.
plvheart1 says: Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME -- 05:36PM, May 05, 2006.
Jeff Clow says: One of the finest portraits I've seen anywhere or at anytime. Brilliant photo work. ....Thus, I've faved and tagged this one "QUALITY" and am hoping you will join and post it to: www.flickr.com/groups/quality_photography/ where photographic quality such as this gets the recognition it deserves and inspires others... QUALITY! Please read (and heed) the comment entitled "YOUR Responsibility" on the Group's opening page. -- 06:17PM, May 05, 2006.
sara vilbergs says: Your portraits are so great ! each of them have a long story. -- 08:40PM, May 05, 2006.
Kris Kros says: Man, this is just too cool. -- 09:17PM, May 05, 2006.
z-nub says: impresionante! -- 09:36PM, May 05, 2006.
SophieMuc says: I'm speechless!!! -- 09:50PM, May 05, 2006.
ayoye says: Amazing shot...a fav. -- 10:18PM, May 05, 2006.
MrVerde says: Great. As always. -- 11:23PM, May 05, 2006.
Kim Taylor Hull says: amazing. He had kind eyes~ -- 02:04AM, May 06, 2006.
J Diggity says: He has very kind eyes, as Finiky says! -- 03:15AM, May 06, 2006.
rae marie1 says: wow!!striking photo -- 03:46AM, May 06, 2006.
auwa says: his tatoo is like armour and it seems you may have gotten threw - this works brilliantly in B/W -- 04:06AM, May 06, 2006.
m0xie says: great capture. i love that you take the time to hear a bit of their story. it makes all the difference... -- 04:08AM, May 06, 2006.
ladyloneranger says: Yeppers, another stunning portrait! The eyes are so special! -- 04:39AM, May 06, 2006.
Epizut_Scratch et Griffe says: more... -- 08:56AM, May 06, 2006.
`✦´ says: Brilliant his glance,tatoo & cigarette are the best great shot! congrats cheers! ^^ -- 07:35PM, May 06, 2006.
ajr2309 says: really impressive! -- 08:43PM, May 06, 2006.
♥ Unlimited says: there's something in your pictures that always draws my attention: the shine in the eyes of the people you photograph... it makes them so real, i love it. -- 08:56PM, May 06, 2006.
Sammeh says: incrediable portrait. so interesting, very touching -- 08:21PM, May 07, 2006.
Aäron says: Fantastis portrait (allof them btwe), the shades fo black are deep and subtile.. They all deserve a 8ft x 8ft blowup & a gallery to hang them up :-) -- 10:16PM, May 07, 2006.
YnR says: He seems old yet young... stunning -- 01:26AM, May 08, 2006.
Maria Jose Stitic says: WOW ! How can you do that! it's very beautiful! I love your work! -- 02:10AM, May 08, 2006.
Riseheart says: very interesting people you are photographing...¡ i wish i could do it, i would like to photograph each of the subjects you doing... -- 09:07AM, May 08, 2006.
Christian Grosch says: Very nice portrait!! Great shot, congratulations! -- 09:27PM, May 08, 2006.
Felipe Monardes Mena says: Amazing work!!! Strong and expressive portrait! -- 09:45PM, May 08, 2006.
adritzz says: oh my god! no words I can add, just feelings!! -- 08:21AM, May 09, 2006.
snack happy says: The power of this shot, is that the viewer feels he knows the subject. I think maybe I do know him, now you mention it.... -- 08:41AM, May 09, 2006.
DanGuinski says: Great! Your portraits are amazing! -- 04:25PM, May 09, 2006.
The Norwegian says: "leif" makes sense to me. "life" doesn't. yet. this is an incredibly strong portrait... thank you for finding me... -- 10:50PM, May 09, 2006.
akaiam says: Stoneth is the MASTER! Bow to your sensei! Bow to your sensei! -- 02:54AM, May 10, 2006.
stoneth says: WOW! :)))))))))))))))) Thanks so much EVERYONE!!!!! Your comments are really awesome! the charity ego: ...and my norwegian education commences! keep it coming ;) walk4fotos: good learning curve! ;) i suspect it's more you than me ;)) paul goyette: nothing planned yet :) tx for the encouragement! _sim_: debris :) thx! P.S.Zollo: emailed u :) jeffclow: :))))) Kris Kross: thanks for stopping by! mojo_sputnik: ...very kind, but just a grasshopper ;) !!!!!!!: *Glauka, BlackLove, mirelamiada, **Ahmad Kavousian, zokete, Lady Vervaine, EmpressCam, fotoattack, patisfaction, Photo_Aficionado, Effin' ToeKnee, ANOXLOU, decembre, P.S.Zollo, ladyloneranger, Sammeh, YnR, riseheart_photography ...thanks for not quitting me!! ;)) -- 11:02PM, May 10, 2006.
auwa says: I came back to look at him again. -- 12:19AM, May 11, 2006.
pfong says: I love the light in his eyes despite life's hard knocks. -- 05:21AM, May 11, 2006.
dmcd says: Great, great work Tomas. I think these would be even stronger if you didn't tweak the tones like you do, but who cares when it's so obvious you invest so much time and effort here. -- 10:03AM, May 11, 2006.
[ iwillphotographforfood ] says: Great picture but the guy got sparkling eyes, is this because the sigaret ?. -- 10:58AM, May 11, 2006.
Kishore Murthy says: Fantastic... and sad at the same time.. -- 07:19PM, May 11, 2006.
MJ's Photographs says: I can almost feel the stories that he could tell. Way to go for the depth that this photo brings. -- 02:49AM, May 13, 2006.
verboomz says: a real portrait¡¡¡ -- 06:14PM, May 13, 2006.
Enrico Bolzan - PHOTOGRAPHER says: bellissimo portrait!!!!! -- 11:39AM, May 14, 2006.
The Grand Duchess says: Fascinating....his tattoo only emphasizes those eyes which are quite riveting. -- 12:48PM, May 14, 2006.
Domk says: great! -- 06:06AM, May 15, 2006.
f_whisky says: Very good! -- 04:47PM, May 15, 2006.
Dunksters says: Amazing photo... Nice work! -- 03:37AM, May 17, 2006.
niklens says: amazing portrait.....!!!! -- 07:58PM, May 17, 2006.
Or Hiltch says: Stunning. -- 11:42PM, May 17, 2006.
Spirited_Away says: I love the glow in his eyes! -- 04:20PM, May 19, 2006.
exhibitj says: One day, if I do go to SF, I have to meet up with you. -- 03:10AM, May 24, 2006.
Jagman2006 says: Stay in school kids! -- 12:21AM, May 28, 2006.
soigne photography says: fabulous photo. the face tells such a story. -Kevin -- 10:24PM, June 05, 2006.
miquelet says: it seems to me it is a paradoxe that poverty is so beautiful and photogenic sometimes ... anyway great picture ;-) -- 11:06AM, June 06, 2006.
gun show says: I love the subject's gaze into the camera... piercing -- 08:26PM, June 15, 2006.
Dizzy Atmosphere says: beautiful tones and depth in your photographs... -- 06:21AM, June 20, 2006.
Jesus Guzman-Moya says: You are the besr! ------------------------------------------------- !!! THE FACE !!! Please add this exceptional image to: www.flickr.com/groups/theface/ ------------------------------------------------- -- 01:08PM, June 27, 2006.
tomgardner says: Powerful portrait and very well executed -- 03:01PM, June 27, 2006.
k.a.r.e.n says: i have not seen anybody with the kind of portraits u have...absolutely amazing........ur work amazes me. -- 04:07PM, July 05, 2006.
maiwen says: can't take my eyes off of this -- 08:16PM, July 11, 2006.
SeenyaRita says: stunning. i look forward to tonight! -- 12:56AM, July 13, 2006.
T.e.r.e.s.a says: Very impressive street photography capturing people's expressions thoughout your photostream !! You are invited to join: Capturing Human Expression -- 10:52PM, July 16, 2006.
Tyler Gavett (old account) says: Awesome portrait. all of them are great. -- 02:10PM, July 19, 2006.
habi says: he looks a bit like wolverine to me... all your portraits are great and grateful! -- 07:24AM, July 20, 2006.
Matilde B. says: sooo good this one! Congrats. you work is amazing. -- 09:21PM, July 20, 2006.
~ Greg ~ says: Interesting tattoo, in the style of a moko.. -- 02:04PM, July 23, 2006.
Bella umbe says: Wonderful Photo-- compliments!Great great shot!! -- 03:15PM, July 27, 2006.
viajes1 says: amazing portrait. if only i had time and talent to see the world as you see it. -- 03:54PM, July 27, 2006.
ue06 says: incredible portrait, it really speaks to me. All your B&W portraits are really touching and I greatly admire your work and how you approach the people you photograph. Hearing their stories deepens the impact your pictures have on me! -- 02:48PM, July 28, 2006.
Old ManTel says: Stunning image well done, fantastic photo-stream -- 07:46PM, July 28, 2006.
tigerplish says: Your photographs tell stories. -- 10:57PM, August 06, 2006.
Br0m says: Your portraits are brutally authentic, beautiful and striking. Thank you. -- 04:09PM, August 18, 2006.
Kitbex says: I so much love the portraits and the idea behind. really good shots and atmosphere! boah. iam reallly stunnend. -- 04:54PM, August 18, 2006.
evil waffles says: Wow. I just realized that your a neighbor. (I live in the Bay Area.) My experiences in the tenderloin were great. Everybody was nice to me. -- 01:09AM, August 26, 2006.
Chris Barber says: What I love about this portrait is that Leif's expression and face tells a hundred stories without uttering a single word. Very powerful stuff. -- 06:46PM, August 27, 2006.
Alexander Yates says: Hey, did you know that this is the most interesting photo tagged with Beard? Please consider posting it to The Most Interesting **Blank** Picture -- 03:42AM, August 29, 2006.
photos4ver says: nice shot..!!! -- 09:32PM, August 31, 2006.
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lthomas says: Hey, it's also the most interesting picture tagged with hat. The Most Interesting **Blank** Picture -- 03:20AM, September 09, 2006.
butterflyinbabylon says: beautiful this portrait is plenty og life living feelings, really strong work -- 07:28AM, September 13, 2006.
Tegan Howard says: Wow after scrolling past all that I'm not sure there is anything else to be said! Just a wonderful fantastic photograph, really moving. Well done -- 02:00PM, September 21, 2006.
chezman says: powerful image with emotion and strong visual impact....amazing -- 06:58PM, September 28, 2006.
Invisible Ink Web Designs says: Great shot!! Perfect capture. Well done! -- 08:01PM, October 12, 2006.
amuse says: I did a flickr search for "nikon d200" and this photo came up. Fantastic by the way! Kudos! Was this taken with the d200? If so how you liking it so far? What I also like about this photo (I am unsure I like the d200) is that you have such a steady hand in such a great circumstance. Can you tell me what the settings were and the light condition of that day? -- 03:35PM, November 03, 2006.
Vinyl'z says: wwwwwwwwwooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!!! -- 04:54AM, November 08, 2006.
coma_wink says: thumbs up -- 06:23PM, November 09, 2006.
San Pedro '64 says: Leif indeed. -- 06:29AM, November 12, 2006.
[s e l v i n] says: awesome, I'm moved by this portrait..his face speaks his character.. very well captured.. -- 02:19PM, December 08, 2006.
AntonioArcos aka fotonstudio says: great portrait, awsome subject!! -- 02:56AM, December 09, 2006.
Gerla Brakkee says: WINNER Your fantastic black and white picture is my winner! Please add this photo to flickr.com/groups/bwphotoaward/ Feel free to post this wonderful photo into our weekly and/ or monthly competition -- 10:29PM, December 16, 2006.
olekrisa says: Fantastic portrait -- 08:11PM, December 23, 2006.
Emil de Jong - Kijklens says: Amazing !!!!! -- 10:49PM, December 26, 2006.
meanyermom69 says: leif would be blown away that all these flickr ppl are admiring him, i think. shows the irony of modern life. -- 06:19AM, December 27, 2006.
ricecrispies_07 says: an amazing picture which such sadness in his eyes. makes me want to know his history. -- 07:24PM, January 08, 2007.
AaronPlaysArinder says: Wow, yes, I truly enjoy this portrait; captures humanity. -- 05:23AM, February 01, 2007.
peterleix.net says: great shot, a story in this shot -- 03:14PM, February 03, 2007.
Natalie Nash says: What captivating and beautiful eyes :x Fantastic photograph (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) -- 10:21PM, February 04, 2007.
Ferroninja says: The best work I've ever seen....amazing shot! -- 01:28PM, February 22, 2007.
My Baby Mia says: WINNER Your fantastic black and white picture is my winner! Please add this photo to flickr.com/groups/bwphotoaward/ Feel free to post this wonderful photo into our weekly and/ or monthly competition -- 05:46AM, February 24, 2007.
fotolilith says: Very moving story and portrait. I'm an admin for a group called The Stare, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 06:28AM, March 12, 2007.
jo muñoz says: wow ! greta shot ! -- 05:39PM, March 17, 2007.
almightycasey says: that's a scandinavian name. amazing picture. -- 03:19PM, March 20, 2007.
willow williams says: this is brilliant -- 12:54PM, March 29, 2007.
SkyShaper says: superb! -- 12:14AM, April 02, 2007.
Digital Grafitti says: Amazing. I hope he didn't pay money for the tattoo though. -- 01:18AM, April 09, 2007.
pagliettastreet says: a great photo!!!!!!!!compliment -- 09:38PM, April 09, 2007.
Palmtreefreak575 says: this face is AMAZING i am officially totally love your photos...look at his beautiful brown eyes and his freckles...he has more character than everyone ive seen put together...luv it -- 04:28AM, April 14, 2007.
Micropus_apus says: a picture says more than thousand words -- 05:32PM, April 15, 2007.
EuroKouro says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called I, Witness, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 05:20AM, April 29, 2007.
LucisPictor - www.RetroCamera.de says: Rated RAW by the RAW Street Photography group (comment & give RAW logo to 5 - 10 images for every 1 post) -- 08:32PM, May 16, 2007.
ikarianlad says: His eyes say it all. He has a hard, tough grimace and menacing tattoos, but his eyes show a softness and even a fear that gives this prtrait its true character. -- 02:53AM, May 24, 2007.
leander bander says: truly impressive portrait. i think i have met somebody quite resembling to this one's life i'd imagine :) -- 10:53PM, June 09, 2007.
Topi Topilina . . . says: bueniisima fotoo :O -- 06:29PM, July 01, 2007.
truckinggirl says: Soul Searching photo! -- 07:41PM, July 04, 2007.
Guynneth says: Captivating! Bravo! -- 08:46PM, July 07, 2007.
MickiP65 says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Portrait by Invite, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 03:42AM, July 15, 2007.
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dani freitag says: I love your pictures they're so alive!!!! -- 04:24AM, July 19, 2007.
onlinedesign says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called I Love Your Face, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. WOW!!!! please send us this one so others can appreciate that wonderful face...great picture! -- 11:03AM, July 27, 2007.
Poe ♪ says: superb portrait. -- 01:19AM, August 01, 2007.
Paulswife says: It is amazing how clear the white of his eyes are, nice contrast to all the roughness to see that smooth whiteness without all the "bloodshot" look you'd expect. Great shot. -- 04:27PM, August 01, 2007.
Leaving Flickr - Family more important says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Who is that? Who am I? Invited images only - Adult content - 18+, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. Congratulations! You have been awarded the Who is that girl, boy or group? Candid Street Shot Award You are invited to post this photo at Who is that girl, boy or group of people? Please Tag Image Whois? Play participate in our newest Contest - 7 Deadly Sins! - members choice on Sin! www.flickr.com/groups/whoisthat/discuss/72157600873758399/ very nice -- 02:38AM, August 02, 2007.
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sweet fanny adams says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called PapperNatsy, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. Impressive portrait. -- 11:55PM, September 28, 2007.
mickey rodriguez says: wahnsinn!!! incredible shot - and a real cool guy!!! -- 04:08AM, October 05, 2007.
rfduck says: What a great face! Nice use of black and white for this portrait. The cigarette just completes the picture. -- 05:08AM, October 21, 2007.
bbasnet says: simply great -- 01:19PM, October 27, 2007.
RegarderVoir says: Great picture ! I'm an admin of a group ten thousand human faces, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.. -- 04:55PM, November 14, 2007.
foxfjord says: He seems to have kindness in his eyes. I thought this was going to be a pic of a coalminer - great portrait. -- 10:32PM, November 14, 2007.
hotshag88 says: Such a gr8 portait, congrats!!! -- 01:28PM, November 21, 2007.
fabbriciuse says: I love it!!! look at my "street portrait": Monica #5 -- 11:43AM, December 21, 2007.
-Steve Roe- says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Flickr Tate Gallery (invites only), and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 04:22PM, January 02, 2008.
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.vintage. says: así -- 02:37PM, January 17, 2008.
lilychip says: his eyes have real soul, this picture make me sad but I still have to stare at it, a great shot. If he had a pound for every person that had commented on his picture he would get to Los Angeles no problem. -- 10:07AM, February 13, 2008.
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Losviko says: Leif is a scandinavian name. Love the picture. Some of us are living life different. -- 04:46PM, March 24, 2008.
Tom Kondrat says: please add your great photo to flickr.com/groups/manportrait/ -- 04:10PM, May 17, 2008.
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Madeline Irene says: I love that tat. what camra do you use, its absolutly amazing! i find myself looking through all your photos and reading the captions. -- 02:17PM, June 07, 2008.
UnderneathSilence says: Great shot, sometimes you can kill a picture if you add in the color very expressive -- 12:27AM, June 16, 2008.
D7100 student says: This is a terrific portrait. Please add this picture to the 6 Million People group. We are collecting pictures & portraits of 6 million different people as a memorial to all Holocaust victims. We need to collect a lot of people, so please invite your contacts and add other portraits you have taken. -- 02:27AM, July 21, 2008.
joushlo says: yea, it's impressive! someone need a help with design your own tattoo but I think that this guy already has it. -- 01:59PM, August 09, 2008.
TheShlee says: his eyes look so grief stricken, so strong yet so hurt. -- 06:42PM, August 14, 2008.
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jeandiva says: Someone else has posted your photo- perhaps they have your permission, but thought you should know. It's happened to me as well. flickr.com/photos/11518537@N04/1131268538/in/set-72157601... -- 07:02AM, August 31, 2008.
chazthomson says: killer shot -- 04:12AM, September 01, 2008.
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When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls! ~Ted Grant
-- 11:49PM, September 05, 2008.
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winchester27 says: so captivating those eyes. theres just something about him that makes you want to pull him out of the picture and save him from the harsh world. -- 06:18AM, January 26, 2009.
liveslow says: Where was this taken? I swear I saw this guy 2 or 3 years ago in a McDonalds up here in BC, Canada. He was a drifter with a very similar facial tattoo, with a scrappy dog and a bulging pack with a pot and things hanging about. It's a stretch, but I thought I'd ask. -- 06:10AM, February 10, 2009.
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Demolition_Dave1(home again) says: Thanks Tom! Its pencil, 8 by 10. -- 10:04PM, June 30, 2009.
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_KP_ says: What an interesting face, youve really captured it well -- 03:37PM, July 17, 2009.
Mikael Jeney says: Great shot, the name Leif is very common in Sweden ! -- 07:19AM, October 05, 2009.
LaGre says: This is one of the best portraits I've seen on Flickr so far -- 06:24AM, January 26, 2010.
soberus says: I am looking for photos of the homeless. Kind regards, Cody codyrockinc@aol.com -- 02:34AM, March 17, 2010.
Adrianvila says: Me encanta. Grandisima foto!! enhorabuena! -- 02:57PM, March 18, 2010.
Tim Clary says: This is a remarkable photo. I was so struck by it that I did a rendition in pen&ink, I hope you don't mind. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/timclary/4588288144/in/photostream/] Check out the warm-up version too if you like: www.flickr.com/photos/timclary/4588020554/ Guess Demo_Dave and I had the same idea...although I didn't see his version until after I completed mine. Awesome job, Dave! -- 03:18AM, May 08, 2010.
chiddu1 says: its my life..........yes it is -- 09:26AM, May 18, 2010.
leifolsen says: Great portrait!! -- 11:23AM, May 21, 2010.
galibert olivier says: I had ever seen this pics a while ago on internet... Remarkable ! -- 03:44PM, August 19, 2010.
joss.dakin says: this is truly incredible -- 05:11PM, November 13, 2010.
stoneth says: @joss-thanks! -- 04:45AM, November 15, 2010.
Norwin1 says: Great capture... -- 12:28PM, November 18, 2010.
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Brandsroed-nemi says: wow awesome! how incredible pretty he is! and i love hes tattoo... such a great shot! I bet it was cool to photograph him! -- 04:02PM, May 14, 2011.
Photo--Graphy says: Nicely composed and shot View my photos at bighugelabs.com -- 01:16PM, June 09, 2011.
ONE GOOD EYE says: His face tells many stories. -- 08:56AM, June 26, 2011.
ESTERGOM says: Well done! -- 05:09AM, August 14, 2011.
Noctiflex says: Wow, very strong portrait! -- 02:11PM, August 20, 2011.
Persodan says: ♥ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ wonderfull and exceptional intimist portrait! Les ombres de sable -- 06:55AM, October 09, 2011.
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